Claimed and Shamed

Highlighting a growing UK epidemic, CLAIMED & SHAMED is the dynamic new documentary series that follows a crack team of insurance investigators as they hunt down suspected fraudsters. With ...

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6

Season 5 - Claimed and Shamed
"A driver's hopes of a bumper personal injury claim take a hefty knock when CCTV shows what really happened. Justice is delivered when the Royal Mail scuppers a fraudster's attempts to cash in. A convicted criminal is handed extra time on his sentence when he trips up with a dramatic fall behind bars. A drink driver tries to claim on his insurance for damage that he caused. Plus jaw-dropping footage of an American car dealer who deliberately crashed his $2 million supercar and now faces up to 20 years behind bars."
"A fraudster is resurrected from the grave when a store loyalty card exposes his fake death scam and lands him with a five-year stretch behind bars. Photos posted on social media expose the truth behind a young man's personal injury claim. A pushy customer walks away empty-handed after insurers get wise to his repetitive tactics, and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department are on the hunt for a man who attempted to defraud Newcastle City Council after his attempts to show off to his friends went horribly wrong."
"The shocking story of a husband and wife who conned an insurer out of \u00a370,000 by falsely claiming a young relative had been blinded in an accident. A convicted criminal is handed an even longer stretch behind bars after faking a fall from his bunk bed to make a personal injury claim. A mobile phone insurance claim is flushed away when the claimant's soggy story of losing it down a drain holds no water. CCTV pours cold water on an insurance claim after a building is burned to the ground, and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department carry out an early morning raid to arrest a suspected fraudster."
"Secret filming exposes cracks in the foundations of a builder's grossly exaggerated personal injury claim, causing it to come tumbling down. A holidaymaker hopes that his travel insurance will pay out for new fishing tackle and a designer wardrobe after he claims to have been kidnapped whilst on holiday in Venezuela. Shortly after passing his test, a young driver is caught up in a crash-for-cash scam. CCTV exposes one bus passenger's theatrical fake fall in an effort to cash in, and further around the globe we take a look at some truly extraordinary attempts by pedestrians to induce accidents and lucrative personal injury claims."
"A fraudster's claim hits a bump in the road when hi-tech anti-fraud kit in the car reveals what really happened. Time is called on a personal injury claim when CCTV shows a broken chair in a pub was thanks to a spot of DIY by the claimant. A slip-and-trip scam using a hotdog and some terrible acting fails to bring home the bacon, and a claimant goes on the offensive when their motor insurance scam is stopped in its tracks."
"CCTV trips up a convict attempting a con whilst being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure. A pair of opportunists dig themselves into a hole when they try to claim for a stolen puppy. A bus passenger loses face when CCTV shows her casually applying make-up throughout the entire incident she's claiming for, and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department get more than they bargained for when they raid the home of a serial fraudster."
"A shopper gets more than he bargained for when he tries an unsavoury scam in the supermarket. The Metropolitan Police bring down a crash-for-cash gang. Justice is delivered when a second-class attempt to defraud the Royal Mail ends in a prosecution. Station CCTV footage leads to a clumsy commuter's personal injury claim hitting the buffers, and a fraudster's tall tales are exposed as lies."
"Prison is the final destination for a serial fraudster who travelled around Europe with the proceeds from his bogus claims. An opportunist's chances of a payout after an icy accident quickly melt away when a set of footprints reveal what really happened. A claimant hoping for a speedy payout after claiming to have lost not one but two smartphones in a fast food restaurant is left disappointed, and IFED carry out an early-morning raid to bust the culprits behind a huge crash-for-cash scam."
"Undercover filming exposes a fraudster who's been bending the truth about his bad back. It's not all roses for an opportunist who claims they quite literally fell head over heels on Valentine's night. The chips are down in Las Vegas for a pair of criminals caught red-handed. And the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department catch out a fraudster who was just too organized for his own good when he staged a bogus burglary."
"A desperate man ends up behind bars after torching his family business to get himself out of debt. Social media puts the brakes on a cyclist who tries to submit a personal injury claim almost two years after his accident. A trio of crash-for-cash criminals end up behind bars when they try to use an online grocery business as their meal ticket. A claimant finds out the importance of being honest the hard way when his \u00a325,000 claim is dismissed because he failed to disclose his criminal record, and one unlucky gambler's attempts to cash in fall flat when CCTV cameras reveal the truth."
Season 6 - Claimed and Shamed
"Claimed and Shamed is back for its sixth series, exposing even more insurance fraudsters lying on the phone or caught out on camera. The series highlights the extraordinary and often ridiculous lengths some people go to in order to try and receive a bumper payout.\n\nThe City of London Police's Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department pays a visit to an insurance broker suspected of using his expert knowledge to make a series of fraudulent insurance claims.\n\nThe foundations of a house insurance claim are rumbled when metadata embedded in photos shows they were taken before the damage occurred, and CCTV puts the brakes on a driver attempting to secure a bumper payout. FirstGroup are baffled when they receive a brazen bus claim, and a suspicious story about some lost jewellery lacks the ring of truth."
"The next stop is jail for the fraudster behind a massive bus fraud involving seven collisions and hundreds of personal injury claims.\n\nA mobile phone insurance company is determined to flush out the truth after receiving a suspicious claim for a mobile phone dropped down a drain.\n\nTime is called on a punter's claim against a pub, thanks to CCTV footage, when a landlord's false fire claim combusts at court as he tries to insure the building after it has burned down.\n\nPlus, the jaw-dropping footage of an attempt at house insurance fraud that went tragically wrong in the USA."
"Prison is the final destination for a prolific travel insurance fraudster who racked up claims totalling over \u00a3100,000.\n\nCCTV well and truly puts the brakes on a claim for multiple injuries sustained in an incident on a bus.\n\nAnd the men behind an attempted fraud clearly don't know their left from their right, as they submit a claim that simply could never have happened as they describe."
"Secret filming and a musical performance are instrumental in the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department sending a postman to prison after making a grossly exaggerated personal injury claim, while the stage beckons for one chancer who is caught on CCTV pulling off the performance of a lifetime with a theatrical fall into a pothole.\n\nA fake death certificate is the final nail in the coffin for a shoddy attempt at a travel insurance scam, a pet insurance company refuses to roll over when there is a dubious claim for a pair of stolen puppies, and CCTV is the undoing of a rail passenger who slips up with a wet-floor story."
"A moped rider's poor attempt to defraud a council for compensation lands him in front of a High Court judge, and ultimately behind bars.\n\nDash-cam footage proves to be the perfect eyewitness as the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department bust a textbook case of crash for cash.\n\nA wannabe film producer's insurance claim for stolen cameras has so many plot holes, it is anything but a whodunnit.\n\nAnd a claimant hoping to cash in on their travel insurance is left disappointed."
"The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department track down a ghost broker who has been pocketing his victim's money leaving them to drive uninsured.\n\nA paparazzi photographer's sensational story of how he was mugged at knifepoint is exposed as a work of fiction, a game show appearance on national television in the United States leads to one woman's 'come on downfall' and a travel insurance company smell a rat when they receive a claim for a nose job while abroad."
"Officers from the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department hit the jackpot when they raid the home of a man suspected of a series of meticulously planned frauds. Next stop is the land of nod as CCTV footage puts one bus passenger's personal injury claim to bed, a woman is caught red handed when a lost ring miraculously reappears on her finger, and a dog owner's request to alter veterinary records comes back to bite her."