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The Good Place

Four people and their otherworldly frienemy struggle in the afterlife to define what it means to be good.

Genre: Comedy , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Actor: Jameela Jamil , D'Arcy Carden

Director: Michael Schur

Country: USA

Duration:22 min

Quality: HD



Season 1 - The Good Place
"Newly-deceased Eleanor Shellstrop is sent to the Good Place, but only by mistake; Eleanor is determined to become a better person in her afterlife with help from friends Chidi and Janet; Eleanor tries to prove to Chidi that she's worthy of his help."
"Eleanor tries to prove to Chidi that she is worthy of his help. Meanwhile, Tahani and Jianyu try to help Michael feel better about the unknown flaw in his Neighborhood."
"Chidi begins formally teaching Eleanor about ethics, and lesson No. 1 is: be kind to your neighbor. Michael and Janet help Chidi find a new, exciting hobby."
"Eleanor has a hard time remaining hidden. Michael asks Tahani to assist a neighbor in finding her true purpose."
"Eleanor's eagerness to learn ethics from Chidi becomes the full-time job he never wanted. Meanwhile, Michael and Janet focus their attention on a Neighborhood emergency."
"Eleanor is enlisted to help Michael with an important task that could determine her fate in the Good Place. Meanwhile, Chidi agrees to be the third wheel in an effort to help out his friend."
"Eleanor puts Janet in her crosshairs to save Michael from eternal suffering."
"Michael has a private meeting with Eleanor, who is put to the test. Also, Chidi harbors a secret and mulls over what to do."
"Michael faces a challenge when he tries to resolve an unprecedented situation. In addition, Chidi makes a connection, to Eleanor's chagrin, and a different side of Janet emerges."
"Eleanor makes a surprising personal discovery. Meanwhile, Michael tasks an indecisive Chidi with coming to an important decision and Jianyu makes a big announcement."
"Eleanor and Tahani hatch a plan while Michael makes a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Chidi confides in Eleanor after learning some interesting news."
"With the help of Chidi and Tahani, Michael faces his biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Eleanor, Jianyu and Janet are faced with a monumental decision."
"Eleanor and her pals contemplate their fates."
Season 2 - The Good Place
"Having had their memories erased by ambitious master architect Michael, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason again settle into the Good Place, unaware of what has previously transpired...except that Eleanor discovers the one clue she had left for herself and attempts to piece things together."
"Michael continues to work out the kinks in his grand plan. Meanwhile, Eleanor stumbles across a secret."
"Michael approaches things from a new angle. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason struggle to make a collective decision."
"Tahani throws a dinner party to impress. Eleanor and Jason both have to lend a hand when things don't go as planned."
"Chidi and Eleanor tackle a famous ethical dilemma, leading to a conflict with Michael. Meanwhile, Tahani harbors a secret and confides in Janet."
"When the Neighborhood experiences a small glitch, Michael has to resolve the issue with Janet before it gets out of control."
"Janet creates a big problem for Michael. Meanwhile, Eleanor lets Chidi in on a secret, and Jason puts Tahani in a difficult position."
"Michael receives a surprise visitor. Meanwhile, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason attempt to solve a riddle."
"Michael finds himself in a bind. Meanwhile, Eleanor sparks an idea that has Chidi, Tahani, Jason and even Janet laying their feelings on the line."
"Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Janet, and Jason head to a destination that may have lasting implications."
"Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason consider just how much they have (or have not) improved. Michael is left to deal with the consequences of his recent actions."
"Michael makes a plea. Eleanor looks to take the high road. Michael tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat."
"No description"
Season 3 - The Good Place
"Michael intervenes in the near-death accidents of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason on Earth, in hopes that a second chance at life allows them to become better versions of themselves."
"Michael's grand scheme hits an unexpected snag and forces him to take drastic measures."
"A surprising announcement from one of the humans threatens to dissolve the group."
"The group explores the three main branches of ethical thought."
"Jason visits with some people from his past while Chidi gets help in resolving a problem."
"Eleanor makes a startling discovery that tests her resolve, Tahani looks to make amends and Janet does some bonding."
"Eleanor recalls some forgotten events from her past."
"Michael and Janet visit the person they believe to be the blueprint for how to live a good life on Earth; Eleanor turns to Tahani for advice."
"While Eleanor and the gang contend with an intense out-of-body experience, Michael hatches a plan with Janet's help."
"Michael's resolve is put to the test. Meanwhile, Jason wrestles with his feelings and Chidi surprises Eleanor."
"Michael arranges an important meeting and Janet makes a reconnection."
"Various events occur, in a certain specific order."
"No description"